Harry Sternberg: Coal and Steel

The Family - Industry and Agriculture
Harry Sternberg painted himself, his wife Mary and their infant daughter into this mural he did for the Ambler, PA Post Office. This particular piece was actually not part of his Coal and Steel exhibit, but the influence of his experience in steel country is clear.
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Mark Rabuck4/4/2013
I teach Art History at Germantown Academy, just a mile or so away from the Ambler Post Office. I frequently refer to this mural when describing government patronage of the arts during the Thirties. Thank you for providing background on this piece of which I was otherwise ignorant.
I lived my childhood in Ambler, Pa. I liked going to the post office because this painting was there. I did not know it's signifigance ut I am so happy to see this picture again. The original is still hanging in the Post Office as far as I know.